Wellington’s First Battle at Partizan 2012

On Sunday 27th May, I took my representation of the combat of Boxtel on the 15th September 1794, to the Partizan show in Newark, UK. It was very well received. On this occasion the game was played using the Black Powder rules. Here are some photographs of the game in progress.

This photograph shows the initial set up. Part of Schyndel village is shown in the top right corner of the board, (centre right of the image), with Abercromby’s Reserve Corps emerging from it led by elements of the 8th, 14th and 16th Light Dragoons and the King’s Dragoon Guards and followed by the Guards infantry Brigade. Wesley’s 3rd Brigade is marching through the village streets. The main road to Boxtel snakes along the bottom of the board crossing several ditches. Delmas’ French 6th Division is deployed in the clearing on the left of the board, shown at the top of this photograph.

The French 8th Hussars form the vedette line awaiting the British as they emerge from the early morning mist.  Skirmishing is a challenge when you don’t have any carbines!

The French 8 pdr Horse Artillery of the 4th Company 9th Artillery, supporting the skirmishers of the 3rd Battalion of the 30th Light Demibrigade , both units recruited from a mixture of Dutch, Belgian and Swiss soldiers in exile.  These figures are all Minifigs.

A close up of the British marching out of Schyndel, these figures are all 15mm Minifigs, with the exception of the general figures, which are from the Wessex AWI range.

On the French right, Daendels’  29th and 199th Demibrigades de Bataille advance to contact, the figures are a mixture of Minifigs and Magister Militum figures.
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The climax of the action as the British Guards have advanced in line, they are about to push back the French light troops but in turn the Guards were forced to retire by Daendels’ infantry and the game ended in a draw.

Another shot of the climax, with the young Lt. Col. Arthur Wesley, future Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, in the bottom right of the image, preparing to form the 33rd Foot into line to protect the retreat of the Guards Brigade.  He is wearing a very modern bicorne for the 1790’s!