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Making the Terrain for Wellington’s First Battle

Here are some photographs of the terrain boards being prepared;

The boards are 12mm MDF with the ditches routed using a v-shaped profile.  The road and ditch networks are drawn on the boards from the master map.   The ditches are painted dark brown with black bottoms to maximise impression of depth.  They are then filled with Solid Water incorporating some flock and grit for variety.

The roads are a textured masonry paint highlighted with lighter colours.

The grass finish is made using Guagemaster flock based grass matting stuck down carefully with pva, with all edges concealed with additional flock (very time consuming!)

The finished boards dressed with buildings from Hovels, JR Miniatures, Battleground and Total Battle Miniatures; ponds created from painted shell holes; ploughed fields by JR Miniatures; K&M trees.