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Wellington’s First Battle at Recon 2012

On a very sunny December 1st we took our demonstration game of Wellington’s First Battle to Pudsey Civic Hall near Leeds in the UK.

The strong sun dispersing the mist rather quicker than happened on 15th September 1794, revealing the British emerging from Schyndel on the right, while the French are deployed to the left, their hussars keeping close to their supporting light infantry. Although the action is known to history as the combat of Boxtel, that town is actually two game board lengths away from the heart of the action.

The French deployment with most of their strength not directly visible from Schyndel. Daendels’ 6 battalion brigade deployed behind Chassé’s advanced guard.

The British advance with the Light Dragoons moving ahead of the Guards brigade with Wesley’s (i.e. Wellington) 3rd Brigade bringing up the rear.

Delmas trying to bring up two reluctant battalions which failed successive Black Powder command rolls.

The Guards light companies facing off the French light infantry on the right, supported by the 44th Foot.

The crisis approaches as the Guards brigade deploys across the main road to Boxtel, repulsing the French attack by breaking Daendels’ brigade. Each pair of battalion guns on both sides are represented by a model gun with a single crew figure and reduced Black Powder fire effect.