Caseshot Publishing is a new publishing house which aims to produce a range of publications relating to Napoleonic Wargaming, covering the period 1789-1815.  Our mission is to produce top quality publications based on first class historical research that enables history to be more accurately recreated on the wargames table.  This website gives details of our commercial publications, publications that are available in full on this website and those articles available in other online resources or in print elsewhere.

Wellington’s First Battle is the first product from the new publishing house, Caseshot Publishing.

Wellington’s First Battle tells the story of the Duke of Wellington’s involvement in his first campaign, the Duke of York’s defence of Belgium and Holland in 1794 and early 1795. During this campaign, the Duke of Wellington fought his first battle, the combat of Boxtel on the 15th September 1794.

Wellington’s First Battle is a high quality 64 page booklet in full colour, illustrated with campaign and battlefield maps. Wellington’s First Battle provides accounts of the campaign and the battle based on detailed research of both contemporary and firsthand accounts.