A. Current Research
B. Wellington’s First Battle Errata
C. Wellington’s First Battle References
D. Geert van Uythoven Website

A. Current Research

(1) The Battle of Villamuriel del Cerrato,  25th October 1812

Here are two of the 40,000 Registre Matricule entries that I have reviewed in collecting details of the French losses that day.

(2) Smoothbore Ordnance Journal

My more recent research has been published in the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal which is available both in hardcopy and online;

Smoothbore Ordnance Journal – Issue 4;
Section 3: British Artillery in the Netherlands, 1794

SOJ-4(13) Lieutenant Colonel John Stewart

SOJ-4(14) Lt. Col. John Stewart’s Return of May 1794

SOJ-4(15) Embarkation return of Earl Moira’s Force at Southampton 19th June 1794

SOJ-4(16) Lt. Col. John Stewart’s Letter of October 1794


Smoothbore Ordnance Journal – Issue 6;
Theme Three: British Battalion Guns in the Netherlands, 1794

Section 4: Amusettes in the Netherlands, c1794

SOJ-6(14) Amusettes at Boxtel, 14 & 15 September 1794

Section 5: British Battalion Guns

SOJ-6(17) British Battalion guns in the Netherlands in 1794

SOJ-6(18) British Battalion Guns in Action with the Duke of York, 1793-1795

SOJ-6(19) Major Jesse Wright and the Brigading of the Duke of York’s Battalion Guns

SOJ-6(20) British Battalion Guns in the Netherlands in 1793-5; Concluding Remarks, Appendices and Bibliography

SOJ6(21) Appendices; British Artillery in the Austrian Netherlands and the United Provinces, 1794; Returns and Muster Rolls.

SOJ 6 – Amusettes

SOJ 6 – British Battalion Guns

(3) Tommy Atkins at Boxtel

The 6 monthly muster rolls of the 33rd Foot in 1794;

Tommy Atkins and the 33rd Foot at Boxtel – Muster Rolls

B. Wellington’s First Battle Errata
(1) The National Archive references for references 53,69,146,153 & 154 should read WO71/168 not WO170/168. Furthermore, in reference 154, “Keen” should read “Kean”.

(2) Inside the front cover I have incorrectly named Arthur Wesley as “Sir” , when he was actually “the Honourable Arthur Wesley”.  The evolution of the great man’s name has created some discussion since my book was published and to help with this I am including a document based on his early Army List entries;


(3) In the campaign map on page 10, the village of St. Oedenrode is incorrectly labelled as St. Oudenarde.

(4) Reference 130 should read Ditfurth, Hessians, p.263

(5) Page 29: The strength of the 2/29e Demibrigade de Bataille should read 621 not 631.

C. Wellington’s First Battle References; Since completing the research for Wellington’s First Battle, I have discovered that Geert van Uythoven’s very useful website is no longer available and the references to it given in the book (i.e. references 16, 28, 87, 120 & 152) are not directly available at the addresses given.

These references are reproduced in the following links;

  1. Ref 152 Incident at Boxtel – GeertvUythoven
  2. Ref 28 Order of Battle French 1st Sept 1794 GeerdvUy
  3. Ref 87 David Hendrik Chasse
  4. Ref 16 & 28 Order of Battle Allied Army 1st August 1794 GeerdvUyt

This second item is an article by Geert relating the use of Amusettes at the battle of Boxtel on the 14th & 15th September 1794;