• Black Powder Points Values from the 1st Edition ”30/12/2021”
    The basic points per unit based on unit profile after unit size modifications

    The points values for special rules are here

  • Salute 2021 ”14/11/2021”

    We took Wellington at Bay to Salute this year, here is how Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy presented it;

  • An Affair of Posts -the battle of Lincelles, 18 August 1793 ”14/10/2021”

    On 22 September 2021, I presented this paper the Society of Army Historical Research Centenary Conference at the National Army Museum, Chelsea. My final rehearsal was captured on video and can be seen on my Youtube Channel;

    My wargame of Lincelles is shown in this video

  • Some great feedback ”14/10/2021”

    My chapter 'Maucune's Division at Salamanca' in Helion's 'Glory is Fleeting' has been well received by the expert on Salamanca, Rory Muir;

    Here are a couple of illustrations from the chapter.

    Amongst other things I suggest that the 5e battalion 66e Ligne lost its new all green battalion fanion to the 11th Foot in the closing stages of the battle. This illustration from the National Army Museum, just might be that flag;

    I also included an analysis of the story and myths of the captured eagles and other trophies taken from the French at Salamanca. A separate article on one of those myths can be found on the Helion website using this link;

  • More photos from the Other Partizan 2021 ”14/10/2021”

    Henry Hyde took these excellent shots of James and I playing 'Wellington at Bay';

    Andrew Bamford, my editor at Helion & Company took this shot of me, with the Heion stand to my rear right where they sold out 'Wellington at Bay'.

    This shot is taken from Paint & Glue's video report of the day

    This is a small snippet of Battle Bunker HQs video report showing James and I discussing our next moves in Wellington at Bay at the Other Partizan 2021
  • The Other Partizan 2021 ”11/10/2021”
  • Youtube Channel ”17/12/2020”

    I have created a series of videos on my channel, relating to Wellington at Bay, in particular the wargame scenarios included in the book. The videos feature my wargame of the battle, which I had intended to take to Salute and Partizan in 2020.

    Episode Two: Scenario 3 Wellington's Counterattack

    This video explains how I create historical scenarios with Black Powder;

  • Wellington at Bay now published ”9/12/2020”

    My new book Wellington at Bay, the battle of Villamuriel 25 October 1812 has now been published by Helion Books. Initial reception has been good and it has four 5 star reviews on Amazon. Get yours at Helion ;

    I have produced some videos in support of this launch which are available on my Youtube channel.

    Some feedback from the major of Villamuriel;

  • East Midlands Napoleonic Days – Bingham ”8/3/2020”

    Really enjoyed presenting Wellington at Bay at Bingham today, grateful for the interest expressed. It was great to have Carole Divall in the audience, she was after all the inspiration for the whole project and has written an excellent foreword to the book. The book will be released later this spring and can be pre-ordered here.

  • East Midlands Napoleonic Days – Bingham ”7/3/2020”

    Giving a presentation tomorrow "Wellington at Bay, the Battle of Villamuriel, 25th October 1812"

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