Episode 31 Assault on Fort Mulgrave Toulon 1793 at The Other Partizan 2023

This video includes the background to a scenario from my new book, Throwing Thunderbolts, a Wargamer’s Guide to the War of the First Coalition 1792-7, published by Helion. It also shows the scenario used as a participation game at the Other Partizan 2023 wargames show in Newark UK. The game was played using 15mm figures and with Black Powder rules, using scenario specific rules to manage the effects of attacking at night on movement and visibility. Fort Mulgrave was the main fortification defending the Caire Peninsula which overlooked Toulon harbour. Napoleon, then a chef de bataillon, had proposed that the capture of the peninsula would precipitate the evacuation of the Allies from Toulon as their ships would be vulnerable to the fire from the artillery posted there. Napoleon himself commanded one of the four assault columns and was wounded during the assault.