15mm Light Common 6 pdr Conversion

When putting together the troops to refight the action from “Wellington’s First Battle”, one of the issues I faced was where to source the Light Common 6 pounder cannon used by the British force as battalion guns.This item was not readily available in 15mm, so I decided to convert some from an existing model;

Having reviewed the design of the carriage, I chose to start with Miniature Figurines Austrian 6 pdr from the Napoleonic range (code 2NA);

Step one; Remove the side arms.

Step two; Remove the crossbars that support the ammunition box and discard ammunition box.

Step three; Remove the eye bolts from the tail of the carriage

Step four; File the rear end to the existing score mark.

Step five; Remove the lug under the axle.

Step six; File down the front end by1½mm and square off. Together steps4 and 6 shorten the carriage to 28mmin length.

Step seven; Remove the handles from the top of the barrel.

Step eight; Assemble and paint

NB: The resulting model is not quite accurate, as the wheels on the model are a bit small (12mm) and need to be approx. 13-14mm in diameter depending on the exact scale. I have also assumed that the carriage mounted ammunition boxes have been removed for action.

Acknowledgement; I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Stephen Summerfield for his helping in informing, checking and correcting this article.


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