Wellington’s First Battle at Cannon, Retford, 24th March 2013

On a snowy 24th March 2013, I attended the new Cannon show at Retford. The show is hosted by the Retford Wargames Group and is named after a Crimean War cannon that is a key feature in the town.

The game generated a high level of interest from attendees both young and old.

Here are some of my photographs of the venue and game, which was played using Black Powder;

Nice light and airy venue – the other upstairs hall was splendid

The table set up with plenty of room for supporting materials

As the British emerge from Schyndel they can see the French vedettes in the early morning mist

Daendels brigade is struggling to get forward as it can’t use “brigade moves” in the first two turns

The British Light Dragoons advance boldly to drive off the French Hussars …..

… only to be broken in the ensuing cavalry combat and resulting sweeping advance. Meanwhile Daendels finally gets his brigade moving forward – his battalion guns looking for the convenient bridge.

The French Hussars are driven off by the advancing British Guards

Wesley’s brigade looks on from their position in reserve near Schyndel

The French infantry arrive to drive back the British Guards, breaking the First Foot Guards

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