Wellington’s First Battle at Salute 2015

James and I had a great day demonstrating "Wellington's First Battle" at Salute this year. Again we used Blackpowder(TM) to run the game of Boxtel in 1794. The Gallery shows the game as it unfolded on the day. James played the French, he quickly advanced Daendels' brigade to crowd the British Guards. The subsequent firefight developed with both sides becoming close to broken. Eventually it was the Guards brigade that was broken. The retreat of the British thus mimicked the real events at least with respect to outcome.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat.


My thanks to several attendees whose photos I have added to this gallery to complete the story. Their blogs contain many other excellent photos of the games at Salute;

Lee Hadley:
Ten Figures a Week
Asienieboje Wargaming Blog