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More photos from the Other Partizan 2021

Henry Hyde took these excellent shots of James and I playing ‘Wellington at Bay’;

Andrew Bamford, my editor at Helion & Company took this shot of me, with the Heion stand to my rear right where they sold out ‘Wellington at Bay’.

This shot is taken from Paint & Glue’s video report of the day

This is a small snippet of Battle Bunker HQs video report showing James and I discussing our next moves in Wellington at Bay at the Other Partizan 2021

Youtube Channel

I have created a series of videos on my channel, relating to Wellington at Bay, in particular the wargame scenarios included in the book. The videos feature my wargame of the battle, which I had intended to take to Salute and Partizan in 2020.

Episode Two: Scenario 3 Wellington’s Counterattack

This video explains how I create historical scenarios with Black Powder;

Publication of Wellington at Bay, 18th April 2020

My new book Wellington at Bay, the battle of Villamuriel, 25 October 1812, will be launched at the Salute Wargames show at London ExCel.

The current cover design to be replaced by a bespoke Christa Hook design

This book describes the Battle of Villamuriel on the 25th October 1812. This battle, while small, was the largest engagement of Wellington’s retreat from Burgos. This battle involved twice as many men as the better-known Battle of Villadrigo/Venta del Pozo two days before.

This is the first full length account of the action and improves significantly on previous accounts in the campaign histories by Oman, Napier and Divall. The aim has been to pull together archival sources from all four nations involved, British, French, Spanish and Portuguese, to build a coherent and balanced account of interest equally to historians and wargamers.

It can be pre-ordered on Amazon or at Helion